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This Magento 2 extension will disable inline editing of admin UI component grids. The admin grids that will be affected are:

  • Customer Listing (Customers - All Customers)
  • CMS Page Listing (Content - Pages)
  • CMS Block Listing (Content - Blocks)
  • Inventory Source Listing (Inventory - Source)
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Compatibility (CE & EE)2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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Overview - Disable Inline Editing Magento-2 Extension

Magento 2 provides a great feature of inline editing in admin UI component grids. By using this, a merchant can easily edit records from the grid itself instead of opening them one by one.

But when you would like to go to the actual edit page of the grid row then this feature can be irritating. As a normal behavior, you may expect that on click of grid row the record will be opened but due to this feature the inline editing got triggered and then you have to cancel the inline editing and look for edit link under the Action column of the grid.

So to resolve this problem, we developed this extension. It will turn OFF inline editing on the click of the grid row and instead the actual edit page will be opened on click.

But you can still use inline editing by selecting required grid rows from the selection column and then choosing Edit from mass action dropdown.

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Version v 1.0.0 - April 13, 2020
- Initial version
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