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This Magento 2 extension will add extra conditions to Cart Price Promotional Rules. The extra conditions are:

  • Customer's First Order: Allow discount coupon/rule to new customers only or to the customers having at least one order.
  • Customer Email: Allow discount coupon/rule to a specific customer or to a group of customers whose email domain is the same.
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Compatibility (CE & EE)2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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Discount Coupon for New customers only Discount Coupon for specific customer

Create coupon code for only a specific customer or allow coupon codes to new customers

Overview - Extended Cart Rule Conditions Magento-2 Extension

You will get the below mentioned new conditions to choose while editing or creating a Cart Price Rule at admin path, Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules. 

  1. 1. Is First Order: By using this condition you will be able to create coupon code for new customers. i.e if "Yes" is selected, the coupon code or cart rule will only work for a new customer having no order on the store. If "NO" is selected then the coupon/rule will work for the existing customers having at least 1 order.
  2. 2. Email: You can specify one or multiple emails and whether to allow or disallow coupon code to customers having these email address(s).

Possible Use Cases

  • The store owner can create a promotional coupon code only for new customers.
  • New/ Specific coupon code or cart rule can be created for a specific user on demand.


  • Plug and play: Ready to use as soon as installed.
  • Installable via composer
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