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This Magento 2 extension will disable token request authorization transactions of the PayPal payflow pro payment method. This is done via replacing authorization request with a zero amount of sale transaction.

  • Solves problem with accepting Discover cards via Payflow Pro
  • Solves problem with fees for additional token request authorizations
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Compatibility (CE & EE)2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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Overview - Payflow Pro Disable Authorization Magento-2 Extension

As the name describes, This Magento 2 extension will disable token request authorization transactions of the PayPal payflow pro payment method by replacing it with a zero amount sale transaction.

Magento 2's Payflow payment method implementation is different from Magento 1's implementation. It uses PayPal's recommended transparent redirect methodology. That's why it needs to send two transactions to PayPal for each order. The first request is an authorization transaction to get a secure token and the second one for the actual payment of the order.

Why this extension got developed?

We came across the feature request/problem described here

So, there are two reasons to develop this extension:

1. People are reporting that the additional authorization transaction is causing a high amount of charges in the long term.

2. We got a request from one of our existing customer that they aren't able to accept Discover type cards via Payflow pro because it doesn't support authorization transactions.

How this extension works:

It replaces the additional authorization transaction with zero amount of sales transaction. Here, please note that in the PayPal manager account you will see the response message "Invalid amount" for zero amount token request sales transaction. You can ignore this error as it still generates and sends back the secure token. This has been verified with the PayPal team as well that there is no problem with this 'Invalid amount' response.

What problems will it solve:

This will solve three purposes:

1. You are still able to use the recommended transparent redirect implementation of Payflow pro payment method.

2. You will able to accept Discover type cards as there is no authorization transaction anymore.

3. Charges for additional authorization transaction will not be there anymore.

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