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It adds support for animated GIF images to the catalog in Magento 2 platform.

  • The animated GIF images can be uploaded as normal image in Magento's product images section.
  • It can be choosen whether to run image animation on page load or mouse hover on category/search pages.
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Compatibility (CE & EE)2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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Shows 360 view of the product by simply uploading an animated GIF image with the product images section.

Overview - Product Animated GIF Images Magento-2 Extension

This Magento 2 extension adds missing support of GIF images in Magento system. Presently if you upload a GIF image to the product then its animation will be lost when it will be resized and displayed on the front of the website. So we have developed this extension to add this missing support.


Product Animated GIF Image Magento 2

How can this extension be beneficial to a store?

Displaying static images is not today's trend. Showing 360 view of the product to your customers lets them know exactly how the product looks from every side and they may now buy the product without any second thoughts.

Installation Instructions

  • Uncompress downloaded ZIP file
  • Under path 'app/code' on your server create path 'RedChamps/ProductGifImages'
  • Upload content of ZIP file to directory 'app/code/RedChamps/ProductGifImages'
  • Using SSH execute command at root of Magento 2 installation 
    • php bin/magento s:up --keep-generated 
    • php bin/magento c:f 
    • php bin/magento s:s:d 
    • php bin/magento s:di:compile
  • We need PHP's ImageMagick extension installed on server. Please make sure it exists
  • Change setting: Store > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Image Processing Settings > Image Adapter to ImageMagick


  • Easy to install
  • No manual settings, works as soon as it is installed
  • Run animated image on product image hover on category pages
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Version v 1.0.7 - December 02, 2020
- [New] Added compatibility for Gd2 adapter in case of availability of "gifsicle" library on server
- [Bug Fix] Resolved "Notice: Array to string conversion" error in on of code file in latest Magento versions
- [Bug Fix] Disallowed image resize on frontend product page reload if resizing is configured via cron job
Version v 1.0.6 - May 29, 2019
- Fixed issue with admin product save speed on Magento version 2.3.0 and greater
Version v 1.0.5 - June 29, 2019
- Added admin setting to allow or disallow animation on page load for product list pages
Version v 1.0.4 - October 31, 2017
- Fixed issue with frame distortion on specific GIF images
Version v 1.0.3 - September 19, 2017
- Optimised resized image size
Version v 1.0.2 - September 04, 2017
Changes on product list pages

- Added Pre-Loader.
- Style changes
Version v 1.0.1 - September 04, 2017
- Fixed issue with product saving speed
Version v 1.0.0 - August 21, 2017
- Initial version

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