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This Magento 2 extension will help merchant or customer representatives to quickly add flat or percentage-based discounts to the customer's shopping cart or orders being created from backend/admin panel without creating any coupon code.

  • Custom Discount can be added while creating order from admin
  • Discount can be added from Shopping Cart tab at customer edit interface in the admin
  • Discount can be added from storefront cart page(this feature is customer group restricted so that only sales agents can use it)
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Compatibility (CE & EE)2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x, 2.4.4
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Overview - Instant Shopping Cart Discount Magento-2 Extension

Note: This extension is fully compatible with our Share Shopping Cart extension.

This Magento 2 extension can apply discounts to the customer shopping cart without creating a coupon code from the admin panel.

It is an obvious scenario that when you need to provide a discount to customers on-demand then it will be a different value for each customer. In those cases, it will be hectic to create coupon codes for each customer.

So, to solve this problem we develop this Magento extension. It will work at three areas:

1. Order Creation From Backend: While you are creating orders from backend you may require to apply a dynamic/custom discount value. Creating a coupon code for this will be a time wastage and a lengthty process. Using this extension, you can just specify discount title, amount & type(fixed/percentage).

2. Shopping Cart Tab at Customer Edit interface in admin: This section lists all the existing shopping carts of customer at different websites. So, if you like to add discount to the customer's shopping cart, you can directly do it from here. Just specify discount title, amount and type. That's all.

3. Shopping Cart Page in Storefront: Your sales agents might be having customer accounts under special customer group for preparing and sharing carts to the customers. In this case, they may need to apply discount to cart before sharing it. In that case, you can allow this extension for sales agents and they will be able to apply discount from cart page itself.


  • Admin functionality can be restricted per admin user
  • Frontend functionality can be allowed for specific customer groups
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Version v 1.1.3 - May 10, 2022
- Compatibility with 2.4.3-p2 & 2.4.4
Version v 1.1.2 - April 08, 2022
- Bug fix with decimal discount
- Bug fix for Magneto versions 2.2.x
Version v 1.1.1 - April 02, 2022
- Bug fixes(compatibility with 2.2.x) & code improvements
- [New] Compatibility with Hyva themes
Version v 1.1.0 - July 10, 2020
- [Bug Fix] "Infinite loop detected, review the trace for the looping path" error being thrown on checkout in some random scenarios
Version v 1.0.0 - May 25, 2020
- Initial version
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