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The extension, as the name suggests, allows your website’s visitors/current customers to share their shopping cart with others via a link, SMS, WhatsApp or an email.

  • Multiple options to share the cart(Email, Direct URL, SMS, WhatsApp)
  • Shared Shopping Cart details can be viewed in admin panel and customer account
  • Order placed on shared shopping carts can be viewed as a 'Conversion Report' in admin area
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Compatibility (CE & EE) 2.2.x, 2.3.x
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  • Lifetime Free Support
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If quick conversions is what you want, this extension can provide it to you! Once you integrate the extension with the Magento, a customer can simply add the selected items in their cart, and share the cart with their loved ones, prompting them to purchase the same items or more.

Overview - Share Shopping Cart Magento-2 Extension

There’s one thing that’s better than a happy customer – a customer who spreads the word about how awesome your products are. All your customer has to do is simply click on “Share Shopping Cart” option, choose the required sharing option and fill the details accordingly. This will send the details of your shopping cart to the selected person.

In short, the extension gives you a new customer via an old customer, without much effort. The link can easily be shared on social media platforms, giving you a larger social media presence. It’s that convenient and simple to spread the word!

To analyze whether the extension works for you or not, you can access a detailed report in the admin to analyze the exact number of sales that’ve happened due to the extension - giving you a complete picture on the numbers. Also, you can allow/disallow extension’s functionality for a specific customer group.

Increase your customer base through “share shopping cart” Magento-2 extension and generate leads like never before!

How can this extension be beneficial to a store?

More conversions, more profit! A lot of effort goes into converting a lead into a sale. But in this case, you can double your sales by doing very less effort. All you need is one satisfied customer, and he’s bound to share his/ her “happy shopping cart” with his loved ones.

Increased product awareness in the market: Something that we all aim for, but rarely achieve. With this simple solution, you gain a lot many “shares” from the existing line of customers. It’s like recommending someone your store, and all that customer needs to do is click on a link.

Simple to use, convenient sharing: There’s nothing more convenient than asking someone to click on a link. A happy and satisfied customer won’t mind showing off their complete shopping list with their friends, especially when it is easy to do so.

A key to unlock social media market! Social media is where you create brand awareness. And this particular functionality on Magento store will give you a chance to increase customer base via social media platform. As it’s easy to share the complete shopping cart via a simple link. You’ll be amazed to see how easily and frequently a happy customer will share the cart.

A gift request from a loved one! A dream-come-true for women out there, a customer can easily request for a gift by sending the shopping cart to a friend or loved one to checkout – a win-win situation for all!

Extension Features:

  • Allows a customer to share their shopping cart via an email or a link option.
  • The extension’s functionality can be allowed/disallowed for a specific customer group.

  • Access a complete report on the number of leads in the admin ( 'RedChamps > Share Cart > Conversions Report' ) to analyze the sales made via shared shopping carts.

  • The details of Shopping carts shared by customers can be viewed in the admin ( 'RedChamps > Share Cart > Shared Shopping Carts' ).

  • The content of the email template can be edited from the admin panel.
  • Customer can view details of Shared Shopping Carts by him at section 'Shared Shopping Carts' in his account

Use cases:

  • A brand promotion strategy: A promotion strategy that’s sure to work, an official can pre-fill a cart, and use the link in a promotion campaign. A pre-filled cart means less work, and more convenience for a customer!
  • Let someone else pay for the cart: A promising benefit, a “link” allows a customer to fill the shopping cart, and then share the cart with a loved one to checkout and pay for the items.

Extension Configuration:

The extension configuration are located at admin path Store > Configuration > RedChamps > Share Cart

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Version v - October 15, 2019
- [Fix] Resolved problem with compilation
Version v 1.1.6 - October 14, 2019
- [Improvement] Code improvement
- Removed compatibility with 2.1.x versions
Version v 1.1.5 - September 09, 2019
- [Bug Fix] Resolved problem with an error page being thrown instead of showing error message to the user when the expired shared cart link is used.
Version v 1.1.4 - August 13, 2019
- [New] Added hyperlink to product name and image in share cart email
- [Improvement] Improved code
Version v 1.1.3 - May 23, 2019
- [New] Added Google reCaptcha integration
- [Improvement] Re-organised admin settings
- [Removed] Google URL shortner settings as it's depricated by Google. In some of later release, bity url shortner or some other service will be added
- [Bug Fix] Fixed issue with shipping and discount amount totals in share cart email
- [Bug Fix] Fixed issue with admin grid filters
Version v 1.1.2 - December 20, 2018
- [New] You can now redirect the customer directly to checkout page once he/she clicks the Shared Cart link by using new admin setting "RedChamps > Share Shopping Cart > Settings > Redirect to Checkout After Cart Restore"
- [Bug Fix] Fixed error "Object DOMDocument should be created" in customer account for Magento version 2.1.x (specifically detected in 2.1.9)
Version v 1.1.1 - November 30, 2018
- [Bug Fix] Resolved problem with share cart "Link Expiry" time setting not working for more than a month or in some cases link is expiring with in a day
Version v 1.1.0 - November 05, 2018
- [New Feature] Added product images to Share Cart email
- [New Feature] Added new section to customer account named "SHARED SHOPPING CARTS". This section will list Shopping carts shared by him/her. Customer can view content of each cart and purchase the cart if required
- [New Feature] Allowed to enter multiple email recipient addresses while sharing shopping cart via email
- [Bug Fix] Static/unit tests were failing due to 'BP' constant in registration.php file
- [Bug Fix] Delete action was not working in admin path "RedChamps > Shared Shopping Cart > Shared Shopping Carts"
Version v 1.0.9 - September 11, 2018
- [Added] A new UI in admin at path RedChamps > Share Cart > Shared Shopping Carts. Here, you can view information about currently shared shopping carts.
- [Added] A new setting at path "Store > Configuration > RedChamps > Share Cart > General Setting >Clear Cart Before Restore" to decide whether you would like to clear the previous cart before restoring the shared cart.
Version v 1.0.8 - March 12, 2018
- Added enable/disable setting for each sharing option (RedChamps > Share Cart > Settings > General Configurations > Allowed Sharing Options)
- Added new setting RedChamps > Share Cart > Settings > Design > Custom CSS for adding custom style rules/fixes from admin
Version v 1.0.7 - March 08, 2018
- Sharing actions now works via ajax instead of page load
- Added WhatsApp sharing option
- While using 'Share via URL' the URL can be copied to clipboard with a button click
- Added admin setting to enable Google URL Shortener service
- Improved UI
Version v 1.0.6 - February 21, 2018
- Added feature to receive BCC copy for share cart emails by specifying email address in admin settings
Version v 1.0.5 - November 15, 2017
- Bug Fix
Version v 1.0.4 - November 07, 2017
- Fixed issue with product options not displaying in shared cart email
- Other critical bug fixes
Version v 1.0.3 - October 26, 2017
- Bug fix related to clearing old shared carts via cron job
Version v 1.0.2 - September 25, 2017
- Fixed error during code compilation
Version v 1.0.1 - September 12, 2017
- Design and API bug fixes
Version v 1.0.0 - May 25, 2017
- Initial version

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