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It allows adding a flat/percentage based surcharge or discount to the new orders getting created from admin or to the existing orders.

  • Add as many flat/percentage adjustments like a discount, surcharge, extra tax etc to totals of order getting created from backend
  • Edit adjustment amount of existing orders 
  • Add new adjustment to existing orders 
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Compatibility (CE & EE)1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x
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New Order Total Apply Surcharge or Discount Existing Order Total Apply Surcharge or Discount

Overview - Order Total Adjustment By Admin Magento-1 Extension

This Magento 1 extension allows adding a flat or percentage-based promotional discount or an additional fee/surcharge to below situations:

Existing orders: In the native Magento 1 system, you can't modify the grand total of order after it's placed by the customer. This extension will allow you to adjust the order grand total by providing a title and amount for adjustment. The amount can be specified as a positive or a negative value.

Apply Surcharge or Discount to Existing Orde

New orders getting created at the backend: There is no pre-existing option in native Magento to apply an additional fee/surcharge while creating order from admin. Also, there is no easy way to apply the discount. In order to apply a discount, in native Magneto, you have to create a coupon code at Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules and then only you can use it to apply the rebate to order. To simplify these situations, this extension allows you to specify a title of adjustments like 'Surcharge', 'Discount' etc and a positive or negative amount. The positive value will be treated as fee/surcharge and the negative value as a discount.

Apply Surcharge or Discount to New Order


  • Plug and Play: Extension will start its functionality as soon as it is installed. It doesn’t need any manual configuration.
  • Allows to add multiple adjustments like you can add both discount and surcharge to the order
  • Adjustment amount can be a flat value or a percentage of grand total
  • It works on both existing orders and on the new orders getting created at the backend.
  • Adjustment amount on existing orders can be edited just by clicking on the amount in totals
  • Order total adjustment functionality can be allowed/disallowed for specific admin user under admin user permissions
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Version v 1.0.4 - September 19, 2019
- [New] Added new setting for tax inclusive adjustment amount
- [Bug Fix] Customer Tax class is now considered for tax calculation on adjustments
Version v 1.0.3 - May 20, 2019
- [New] Compatibility with multi currency setup
- [New] Adjustments can now added before tax row in the order total and as soon as an adjustment is added/modified, tax amount will be recalculated. This can be configured from new admin settings at path System > Configuration > RedChamps > Order Total Adjustments
- [Bug Fix] Fixed bug with adjustments when partial credit memo's were created for the order
Version v 1.0.2 - August 28, 2018
- Bug fixes in percentage based adjustments
Version v 1.0.1 - August 08, 2018
- Added feature to add percentage based adjustments
- Added feature to update order totals when an adjustment is removed
Version V 1.0.0 - July 03, 2017
- Initial version

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