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The extension displays the 'Accordion Category Menu' in the sidebars of a web page.

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Compatibility (CE & EE)2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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Overview – Category Accordion Menu Magento-2 Extension

Quick navigation leads to quick conversion and a happy customer, who is sure to return again. A must-have if you’re an eCommerce store!

Easy to install and lightweight, the “Category Accordion Menu” Magento-2 extension displays a clean accordion category menu in the sidebar of a webpage. The extension allows you to add the accordion in the following 3 pages:

- Home/CMS pages
- Category pages
- Product pages

When you enable the feature for a category page, the category structure automatically expands, giving the user a choice to navigate to a subcategory from the current category page.

If you don’t want this feature on any of the above-mentioned pages, you can disable the setting from the backend.

Also, in this M2 extension, we have taken care of the page performance by loading only the required category structure on page load. The rest can be done on request via ajax. As you may know, if the category count on the store is 100 or more, the loading full category structure may crash the website’s page.


  • Easy to install 
  • Lightweight extension
  • Automatically expands the current category on page load
  • Shows the current category’s name on the navigation header

Extension configuration

Store > Configuration > RedChamps > Category accordion menu


Magento-2 extension for Category Accordion Menu

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Version v 1.1.0 - December 15, 2020
- [Bug Fix] When "Include in Menu" is OFF of category then it's not being shown in sidebar menu if it's not part of initially loaded tree & extension setting "Use Ajax To Load Children" is ON
Version v 1.0.9 - March 01, 2019
- [New] Added new setting "Allowed Depth". Using this setting you can now control how many category levels you would like to be displayed.
- [Improvement] Re-arranged and added new CSS classes to make the design customisation easy.
Version v 1.0.8 - December 07, 2018
- [New] Added new category attribute named "Exclude From Sidebar Menu", using it you can hide any category from the accordion menu
Version v 1.0.7 - September 14, 2018
- [Fixed] Problem with category menu not expanding on iOS devices
Version v 1.0.6 - August 16, 2018
- Added code to expand category tree on product pages even if they are opened via direct URL
Version v 1.0.5 - November 08, 2017
- Added CSS class to current category names
- Added new admin setting "Store > Configuration > RedChamps > Category accordion menu > Design Configuration > Custom CSS" to enter custom CSS rules
Version v 1.0.4 - September 05, 2017
- Compatibility fix with Flat catalog enabled
- Performance improvements
Version v 1.0.3 - June 23, 2017
- Fixed issue with multiple menu getting displayed when setting is ON for both home page and CMS pages
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